Sunday, November 11, 2012

Apes of Wrath Flier: Iroquois Gig

Yet another decrepit document unearthed during my Salem trip at the end of summer. One of few extant Apes of Wrath gig fliers. This one is dated Feb 6. But what year? Likely 1986, possibly 1987. The Iroquois was a dive in downtown Roanoke that played host to national acts (I saw John Lee Hooker, NRBQ and Roger McGuinn there to name a few) as well as locals, including punk rock acts and whatever the Apes of Wrath were...indie rock? It was a pretty large space really. Pool tables. Beer. Some rough characters, kids, and what today we'd called hipsters all together.

I have no idea who this opening act was. New Law Nightmare? No idea. The flier's photo was clipped from National Geographic and is probably of a meeting of snake-handlers. I like the detail "All Ages and Sizes."

I remember a Battle of the Bands at the Iroquois. Shirley, the infamous owner, put our reasonably wimpy act in with the metal bands, probably because our band name contained the word "wrath." That does sound metally, if you think about it. We played a good set but pennies were hurled. It's preserved on VHS tape somewhere in my archive.

Do gig fliers still look like this? All handmade?