Monday, July 1, 2013

Another Blog Beats This Blog to the News of Smellicopter's Release!

Yes, Smellicopter came out on Bandcamp. Sparky from ShockPop! has spread the word already through his blog.

Scott Brookman

"Smellicopter" (2013)

The amazingly humble and talented Scott Brookman does INDEED have a new CD available on bandcamp and it's a corker!! Eleven fab, bright and breezy tunes to enhance your Summer! I can't recommend it more!! Good work, Scott!! Good tuneage, my friends!!

Here's what the "artiste" himself has to say on the subject: " "Smellicopter" has landed at Bandcamp. 72 years in the making, this pre-legendary release is Brookmania Productions' finest moment so far. You can listen to EACH song individually on Bandcamp and then make your purchasing decisions. This is a digital release only so far. It's just not a good time to make cds, though that is part of the plan in the next months."

Just get it!! NOW!


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