Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home Studio Work Week of June 26-28 2012

Another whole week on "Your Idiot Son."

This is the week for vocals. I've already forgotten what I did on Monday, but Tuesday was very productive. It was an unbelievable day for this typically miserable climate: temps in the lower 80's after a low in the 50's this morning. Sunny, nice breeze. RARE!

In the A.M. I double-tracked the lead vocal up until the chanting/droning ending. The winner was take 3 with a few punch ins and copy and paste from take 4. This took certainly a few hours to achieve. I bounced both tracks, deleted the tiny fragments and compacted audio.

A long break was required, so I went outside and chopped and edged an area, pushing back hardcore nature a bit, freeing up a lovely spot behind the shed with lots of shade. Ate lunch out there in a canvas fold up chair, reading PG Wodehouse.

Went back and devoted another several hours to the long, chanting ending of the song on two more tracks. As this bit is lower than my typical range, I sang the first track while grabbing the notes from a nearby keyboard. I then double-tracked that, and copied and pasted over some less than stellar bits. During this whole session I was able to feel the cool breeze from the window in the studio. How rare that is I can scarcely say.

After all this, my voice was getting reedy and tired sounding so it was time to stop. I did track the next part (bah, bah, bah, bah/bah) to see what it would sound like. Great! is the answer. I'll redo that and double-track it tomorrow and do a pass of the harmony for the same section. Then...I must tackle the middle, which is well out of my comfortable range, at least for illustration purposes for a different singer. The ending is the most Beatley thing ever. Really.

Paul: "I think it's coming from over there! Someone's nicked one of me endings."
John: "Yer daft, Paulie."
George: "e's dead right, John."
Ringo: "Blek. I think I swallowed a bug." 

I finally remembered what I did Monday: double-tracked electric guitar, a prominent riff and other brief bits. Did a track over the ending that sounded cool while I was doing it, but complete garbage on playback. Delete!I used the 70's Peavey amp and the venerable Gibson SG. No direct  box. Not going back. No sirree.

On Wednesday I successfully double-tracked more vocal parts, the secondary line for the ending and the obvious harmony for it. Also made a harmony stack at the end with C#min plus a b. A 90 percenter which needs some quick fading to promote equality.

Thursday I had less time to work, but copied and pasted some MIDI piano and re-recorded it as audio, which nicely doubles a key riff on the guitar and fills out very simply the beginnings of each verse. Good choice if I say so myself. This will likely lead to more recycling of the best bits where piano and guitar lay with each other best. Re-recorded (and double-tracked) a portion of the main vocal ("Once each gets a piece of him....") It's really hard to say that out loud distinctively. My solution was to sing "once" skip a beat and then pick up the rest of the line. That worked well, though it was tough today to get a good vocal sound. Much punch in/out work for this brief section.

Might have my kids do handclaps with me on Friday.

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