Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jean-Emmanuel Dubois: Music Journalist, Contact, Friend

One of the all-time great supporters of my music has been Jean-Emmanuel Dubois, a French music journalist. Over the years, JED (as I call him) has provided contact info, reviewer and distributor ideas (and sometimes referrals), and of course he has reviewed my work in a few publications himself. JED's interests include 60's music and music of today that manages to keep the vibe alive, film and pop culture in general. He has written on a wide variety of subjects from Todd Rundgren to April March.

In the last few days, he's been running a retrospective of his own published articles and online video interviews on his Facebook page. Take a few minutes and scroll through won't you?


  1. Geoff,

    The illustration of JED reminds somebody in my house of a random character on Scooby Doo.

  2. hmmm....a villain I hope. thanks for writing in.