Friday, July 27, 2012

Yani's Return from Caracas Summer 2012

Fabulous songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist (and collaborator) Yani Martinelli just got back from a visit to her extended family in Caracas, Venezuela. Here are a just a few photos she lent us here at Brookmania:

The razor wire atop the wall creeps me out, but check out the cloudy mountain vista at the top of the street.

Here's Yani sitting among the roots of a gigantic Caucho tree.

You really must now download Yani's latest album, Bubble Station, at Bandcamp.  I believe it is still free. I myself perform on a few of these songs. I am excited to know that a vinyl release of Bubble Station is a possibility. I am trying to convince her to create a Kickstarter project. Yani's music is just fantastic. Mostly, it's on the folkier side of pop but with lots of sunshine pop and other influences, too.

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  1. Yani's album sounds great. We were grooving to it all afternoon.