Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Most Obscure Cover on the Internet? Yani's Latest

Fans of Wes Andersen's stupendous film, The Life Aquatic with SteveZissou, will have heard music by Sven Libaek, probably without knowing it. Libaek's seventies film score music--heard in a number of real sea-based films--is overshadowed by the Portugese language covers of the David Bowie catalog and new incidental music by Mark Mothersbaugh. "Open Sea Theme" is the most prominent piece in the film. 

Libaek's mostly excellent and highly distinctive soundtracks have trickled down to the blog-o-sphere where they can be had for naught. Seriously, in about an hour you can track 'em all down.

Here, Yani Martinelli and Bert cover a Libaek piece, "Go Anywhere" from the 1973 film, Nickel Queen


  1. Thanks for the post and for introducing me to Sven's music! Why it is so overshodowed? I think his work is on the same level of high quality of Morricone or Bacharach...

  2. The only reason is that his career was very different. He did some library music...which is deliberately anonymous...and none of the soundtracks are for films that ended up famous. It is a shame.