Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bill Hill Archives #2

In addition to his rube/trickster cover for They'll Nickel and Dime You to Death, Bill Hill also designed the cover for the cassette, It's More Than a Hobby. The gag was a line from an actual Bela Lugosi film (I'll figure out the name eventually). Bela's chararacter's hobby is something awful like a basement collection of medieval torture devices. Some sad clown refers to it as an unusual hobby. Bela, speaking pretty much like Dracula, says "It's More.....Than a Hobby." Whew. Shiver me timbers, Bela! Today I present four versions of the cover hand drawn by Bill.

Bela inhales the model glue liberally. Note: creepy thin rubbery fingers.

Thicker fingers. Fumes bypass the nostrils
Thicker lines. Curvy tube of glue. I like the lettering here
Getting crazier-looking. Scary fingers. Fumes definitely clouding brain function.

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